Recycled Timber Flooring

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Recycled Timber Flooring, Tongue and Groove Flooring, Flooring Boards, Recycled Floor Boards, Reclaimed Floor Board

Recycled timber flooring gives your custom floor that individual look that distinguishes the uniqueness from the everyday floor. Recycled Timbers flooring sizes available are 60 x 19mm, 85 x 19mm, 115 x 19mm and 130 x 19mm.

The size of the board is up to the individual and the area in which the floor boards are being laid. We provide our flooring with tongue and groove and end matched.

T&G – Tongue and grooved flooring, the boards are joined along the length, one with a tongue and the other with a groove. The tongue from one board fits into the groove on the next board – thus T & G flooring.

End Matching – Flooring boards that have Tongue & Groove on the end. Your floor layer can top nail or secret nail your floor boards.

All of our timber is kiln dried to Australian Standard (moisture content) AS/NZS 1080.1:1997