Recycled Timber is our business - We are Australias largest supplier of Recycled timber products.

From new constructions to renovations, Recycled Timbers is your choice when it comes to quality timber flooring, decking, windows, and many others. What sets us apart is the passion we have for recycled timber. Our years of experience in supplying and crafting Australian hardwood for home construction are proof of our dedication to providing clients with quality woodwork.

Recycled Timbers take pride in the fact that our work process is eco-friendly. We help in reducing the wastage of timber products. We make sure not a piece of the material goes to waste, as offcuts are sold as firewood, wood chips for gardens, and sawdust for animal beddings. It is our goal to continue providing our clients with the best cuts of recycled hardwood while maintaining a cleaner and greener environment.

Renovating your home? Add elegance to your new design by using recycled timber for your floors, stairs, beams, doors, and others. We sell our timber products by colour. We supply Red, Tan, and Blonde varieties of the Australian Hardwood. Visit our showroom and see samples of quality timber work you can also have for your home. Our work has been known to show the versatility, uniqueness, and range of hardwood.

Browse our website to learn about our services. Check out our gallery to see samples of our work and the quality we put into it. Call us at (02) 4774 2888 or email us at and our staff will be happy to serve you.

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